The perfect synthesis between efficiency and fun

A sleek device you can carry in your pocket. An exclusive media tool 4 in 1 :

›  Tablet
›  Computer
›  Smartphone
›  2D and 3D performing camera

A tablet and a computer anywhere, any time!

›  A large 7-inch screen
›  A genuine keyboard
›  A Windows© based PC
›  An Android© OS Tablet

The latest generation smartphone!

›  Octocore processor
›  Fully HD
›  5-inch screen

A real camera in your pocket !

›  High end 2D and 3D optical Zoom 5X
›  A Xenon Flash for perfect exposure
›  Easy to use Interface

Capture objects or people as you really see them !

›  The combination of 2 distinct and complementary lenses provides true 3D vision
›  Auto-stereoscopic display without 3D glasses

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